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‘Goosebump’ moment for our women’s hockey side

By Mark Etheridge
in London

They started off their Olympic campaign with a 7-1 thrashing at the hands of the Argentinians but Marsha Marescia’s women’s hockey side ended their preliminary round in seventh heaven.

The women produced an upset of note by beating the United States 7-0 at the Riverbank Arena on Monday, Making that win all the more significant is the fact that the US had beaten Argentina earlier in the tournament.

Manager Les Galloway said the mood in the camp afterwards had been awesome. “We knew we needed about a four-goal difference to make sure we didn’t end in the 11-12th place play-off. So when we realised we’d done enough it was just unbelievable,

“One of the girls, Tarryn Bright, told me that it was such an emotional occasion that she played the entire game with goosebumps!”

So did the team go into their final pool game with a different approach?

“No not really, they went out there pretty much like normal, to look for the result and it’s this team’s positive mindset that tuned it around. It’s been coming though, especially in the last two games where we lost narrowly to Germany and Australia. We just had to prove it to ourselves.”

At this stage SA are expecting to play either Japan or Belgium in the ninth-10th play-off on Wednesday. “And of course we’re focusing on nailing that ninth spot,” says Galloway whose phone hasn’t stopped ringing since the victory.

“People were even stopping me in the local shopping mall to say well done.

“The exciting thing is that the other coaches are starting to take notice and talking about what a threat we are whereas beforehand we were never seen as a threat.”

And that’s something that SA coach Giles Bonnet should rightfully be proud of after the amount of work that he has put into getting this group ready for both these Olympic Games and beyond.

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