Titles for Ho, Du Toit

There were no surprises or upsets at the Telkom SA National Open Water 10km swim at the Midmar Dam on Saturday as Olympians Chad Ho and Natalie Du Toit... Read more

There were no surprises or upsets at the Telkom SA National Open Water 10km swim at the Midmar Dam on Saturday as Olympians Chad Ho and Natalie Du Toit added the 2010 10km national title to their names.

Ho has rapidly developed into a world class swimmer and has built up experience at various FINA Open Water events as well as qualifying and competing in the 2008 Olympic Games.

The big breakthrough came though when he won a bronze medal at the FINA OWS World Championships in the 5km event in 2009, just 15 seconds behind the leaders.

In this weekend’s SA 10km open water swim, he was in a class of his own as he needed just over 2 hours (2:03:20) to cover the distance. Ho took the lead within the first kilometre of the 5x2km lap course and was never challenged.

No surprises either in the women’ 10km swim where the race followed a similar pattern to the men’s race, as Du Toit also took the lead on the first lap. Du Toit showed just why she has multiple world records behind her name in the Paralympics. She clocked 2:14:08 to the 2:21:11 of Nicole Brits and 2:26:03 of Jessica Roux.

The SA National Open Water Championships are the selection race for the OWS World Championships in Roberval, Canada, 15-23 July 2010. As per FINA Rules, only two athletes from each country may enter in the 10km and 5km races. Both Ho and Du Toit will be looking to adding these titles to their names tomorrow and further enhance their claims for inclusion in the team to Roberval.

As the World Championships are in July, Swim SA will be looking at finalising and announcing their team shortly.

Sunday sees the conclusion of the open water swim, the water polo and the start of the synchronised swimming and diving, with the long course swimming championships starting on Monday 12 April.

Full results

Men: 1.┬á┬á ┬áChad Ho (KZN) ÔÇô 2:03.08; 2. Tyron Venter (NTS) ÔÇô 2:13.20; 3. Michael Marais (EPA) ÔÇô 2:22.05
Women: 1.┬á┬á ┬áNatalie du Toit (CGA) ÔÇô 2:14.08; 2. Nicole Brits (KZN) ÔÇô 2:21.11; 3. Jessica Roux (EPA) ÔÇô 2:26.03

Men 31 ÔÇô 40 years: 1.┬á┬á ┬áSteve Hurley (CGA) ÔÇô 43.30; 2. Byron Dillon (CGA) ÔÇô 49.39; 3. Duncan Kukard (CGA) ÔÇô 50.53
Men 41 ÔÇô 50 years: 1.┬á┬á ┬áJC Van Wyk (EPA) ÔÇô 49.55; 2. Brenton Williams (EPA) ÔÇô 50.07; 3. Barend Fair (NTS) ÔÇô 53.48
Men 12 ÔÇô 14 years: 1.┬á┬á ┬áBrandon Murray (KZN) ÔÇô 38.51; 2. Chris McGlynn (KZN) ÔÇô 39.48; 3. Albert van Dyk (NTS) ÔÇô 43.14
Men 15 ÔÇô 16 years: 1.┬á┬á ┬áLouis Aucamp (WPA) ÔÇô 40.24; 2. David Hadlow (CGA) ÔÇô 41.31; 3. Wayne Jones (EPA) ÔÇô 43.54
Men 17 ÔÇô 18 years: 1.┬á┬á ┬áDanie Marais (WPA) ÔÇô 37.54; 2. Melvin Nel (EPA) ÔÇô 39.47; 3. Chris vd Sande (EPA) ÔÇô 40.36
Men 19 ÔÇô 30 years: 1.┬á┬á ┬áMickey Falco (EPA) ÔÇô 45.49; 2. Tyron Venter (NTS) ÔÇô 47.43
Men 15 ÔÇô 16 with multi-disability (3000m freestyle): 1. Sebastian Crawford (KZN) ÔÇô 57:01.00
Women 12 ÔÇô 14 years: 1.┬á┬á ┬áJamie-Lee Schlemmer (EPA) ÔÇô 46.12; 2. Chrislie Niehaus (EPA) ÔÇô 47.05; 3. Chane de Jager (EPA) ÔÇô 48.19
Women 15 ÔÇô 16 years: 1.┬á┬á ┬áKayla Shortt (CGA) ÔÇô 47.00; 2. Michelle Botha (FSA) ÔÇô 47.03; 3. Leane Badenhorst (FSA) ÔÇô 47.09
Women 17 ÔÇô 18 years: 1.┬á┬á ┬áNina Nicholas (WPA) ÔÇô 40.37; 2. Rebecca Newman (EPA) ÔÇô 42.35; 3. Tammy Geyer (EPA) ÔÇô 44.43
Women 19 ÔÇô 30 years: 1.┬á┬á ┬áKarlien van Heerden (NTS) ÔÇô 40.56

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