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Ho, Weber on top at fourth Cape Mile

Olympians Chad Ho and Michelle Weber had the crowds on their feet in the fourth annual Sanlam Cape Mile at the picturesque Eikenhof Dam in Elgin on Sunday.

‘I had a very good race,’ says Ho. ‘The start was nice and comfortable. I decided to make my move at the first turn around the buoy, when we started to swim into the wind. I just put my head down and focused on growing the gap. I’m really happy with how I am swimming at the moment. ‘

‘Successfully defending my title is an honour,’ continued Durban’s Ho. ‘The Sanlam Cape Mile is a great event. It’s well organised, very professional and has a great atmosphere.’

Ho completed the Cape Mile in a lightning fast time of 19min 08sec. Chad Michau came in second, while Dylan Wright finished third.

For the first time since the event’s inception, Danie Marais did not toe the line with Chad Ho and Myles Brown. ‘I broke my collar bone while surfing,’ says Marais. ‘I’m really devastated that I wasn’t able to compete this year. I’ve been training really hard for the 2018 race. My heart was set on claiming gold, but I’ll be back next year for the win.’


The women’s elite race saw a sprint finish between Franshchoek’s Michelle Weber and Durban’s Robyn Kinghorn. Also originally from Durban, Weber clinched victory in a time of 21:04.

According to Weber the start was really quick. ‘It’s been a tough couple of weeks of racing, but I really wanted to win today. I love the open water swimming community and I love the vibe at the Sanlam Cape Mile. It’s the perfect family day out and my two sisters also swam today.

‘I’ve competed at the Sanlam Cape Mile for four years in a row and I definitely want to come back next year.’ Kinghorn came in second, while Sasha-Lee Nordengen-Corris finished third.

Pictures of Ho and Weber courtesy of Tobias Ginsberg

1 Chad Ho 19:08, 2 Chad Michau 19:38, 3 Dylan Wright 20:04, 4 Rudolf Visser 20:30, 5 Nick Quenet 20:32, 6 Stephano Roodt 20:49, 7 Reino von Wielligh 21:39, 8 Zac Ellis 21:43, 9 Jamie Riddle 21:47, 10 Gary Albertyn 22:01

1 Michelle Weber 21:04, 2 Robyn Kinghorn 21:05, 3 Sasha-Lee Nordengen-Corris 21:16, 4 Carli Antonopoulos 21:50, 5 Alexandra Gabrielle 22:24, 6 Nina Nicholas 23:09, 7 Caylan Bromley 25:38, 8 Jessika Steyn 26:25, 9 Tamsin Labuschagne 30:05, 10 Karen Graaff 30:43