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Pretorius has unfinished business

Four years ago in Delhi, India, Mona Pretorius’ Commonwealth Games were over before they had started, writes Mark Etheridge.

The Port Elizabeth weightlifter injured her calf muscle in the warm-up before she’d even hoisted a weight in anger.

Four years later and she’s wiser, more worldly and back for more at the Glasgow Games.

“Before my previous Commonwealth Games I was in the Under-58kg, a bit lighter than now … I also lifted way less,” she told Road to Rio 2016 this week.

“Back then my max snatch was 80 kilograms and 98kg was my clean and jerk. Now I’ve done a 88kg snatch and a 108kg clean and jerk at the trials.”

In 2010, Pretorius was a student doing my honours in sport psychology.

Since then she’s thrown herself into the new exercise philosophy of Cross Fit and her determined pursuit of this avenue has resulted in her now owning two gyms.

“When I competed in Malaysia last year at the Commonwealth Championships I decided that I want to make this my lifting year,” she revealed.

“I’m lifting Under-63 kg now for the last two years and did a 183kg total but my goal is a 200 total.”

“I came fourth but broke two SA records and that’s where the improvements started! I love Olympic lifting and love going into gym each day and working towards a goal … That’s what drives me … My ultimate goal is still Olympics 2016.”

That’s where Glasgow and the Games come in to the equation. “This will just be one of those testers towards the Rio Games

“My hope is podium! That would be an extra but this time I want to go and do what I love and that’s to live out my passion and work towards that goal of my 200kg total.

“I’ve got so much excitement for the Games and believe I’ve had a great prep behind me. Now it’s to put it all to the test and enjoy every moment.”