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SASCOC on ‘defiant’ Khotso

New Delhi: South Africa’s Olympic sports governing body, SASCOC, has taken a dim view of star long jumper Khotso Mokoena’s non-arrival here for the Commonwealth Games and will be fully investigating the circumstances around his no-show.

In a strong statement released on Friday night, the SASCOC CEO, Tubby Reddy said the body ÔÇ£finds Mokoena’s attitude defiant, and it’s seen in a serious light.

ÔÇ£The athlete was cleared by the chief medical doctor, Dr Shuaib Manjra, and asked to come to New Delhi but refused to board the plane (carrying the country’s track and field athletes on Thursday night from Johannesburg).

ÔÇ£The matter will be dealt with on our return to South Africa but we find the behaviour unacceptable,ÔÇØ Reddy added.

The track and field team arrived here on Friday, along with SASCOC president Gideon Sam, but Mokoena and the national sprint champion, Simon Magakwe, were not amongst those arrivals.

ÔÇ£We have also noted the no-show of Magakwe, and as we had not been aware of any injury, and therefore declared fit by our medical team, we will also be investigating why he did not arrive,ÔÇØ a clearly chastened Reddy concluded.