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Team SA: How they fared on Thursday

Team SA were in action across two codes at the African Games in Rabat and Casablanca on Thursday – swimming and table tennis. They had started the day with 14 medals but claimed another 13 in the pool in Casablanca to climb to 27.

In another rich night for TeamSA in the pool, 13 medals were won by: Kaylene Corbett, Alaric Basson, Samantha Randle, Christin Mundell (2), Erin Gallagher, Ayrton Sweeney, Emma Chelius, Ryan Coetzee, Jessica Whelan, Michael Houlie, the mixed 4×100 medley relay and the women’s 200m freestyle.

This is how they fared:

Women’s 200m freestyle, heats: Jessica Whelan (2:07.07) won her heat and qualified for the final second fastest. Christin Mundell finished (2:08.26) finished third in her heat and qualified fifth fastest for the final.
Men’s 200m freestyle, heats: Martin Binedell won his heat in 1:53.05 and Brent Szurdoki finished third in the same race in 1:54.15. Both qualified for the evening finals in third and seventh places overall, respectively.
Women’s 100m breaststroke, heats: Christin Mundell won her heat by over four seconds in 1:11.23, while Kaylene Corbett won hers in 1:12.11 to set up a potential 1-2 in the evening finals.
Men’s 100m breaststroke, heats: Alaric Basson was fastest in qualifying with 1:01.56 while Michael Houlie clocked 1:02.74 for fourth fastest heading into the finals.
Women’s 50m butterfly, heats: Erin Gallagher won her heat in 27.26 with Emma Chelius second in 27.84. They qualified for the finals third and fifth fastest, respectively.
Men’s 50m butterfly, heats: Doug Erasmus finished second in his heat in 24.26 and Ryan Coetzee finished second in his heat in 24.54 to qualify fourth and fifth fastest heading into the finals.
Mixed 4x100m medley relay: Team SA won their heat in 4:03.86 to qualify fastest for the evening final.

Women’s 200m freestyle: Jessica Whelan led for the first 100m but it was left to Christin Mundell to throw out the biggest challenge. She finished second in 2:04.74, with Whelan fourth in 2:06.24.
Men’s 200m freestyle: Martin Binedell finished fourth in 1:51.93 and Brent Szurdoki fifth in 1:52.83.
Women’s 100m breaststroke: Swimming in lane five, Kaylene Corbett led from start to finish to win in 1:09.75, followed by teammate Christin Mundell in 1:10.67.
Men’s 100m breaststroke: Alaric Basson won his first major title when he claimed gold in 1:00.96 swimming in lane four, while 50m gold medallist Michael Houlie took the bronze in 1:01.55.
Women’s 50m butterfly: Despite swimming a new SA record, Erin Gallagher had to settle for the silver medal in 26.24 with Emma Chelius taking bronze in 27.40.
Men’s 50m butterfly: Ryan Coetzee finished third in 24.05, touching just ahead of teammate Doug Erasmus, who was fourth in 24.05.
Women’s 400m IM: Samantha Randle led virtually from start to finish to win the gold medal in 4:55.31, winning by three full seconds with Jessica Whelan third in 5:01.35.
Men’s 400m IM: Ayrton Sweeney picked up the silver medal in 4:26.88 with Neil Fair finishing just outside the medals in fourth place in 4:28.55.
Mixed 4x100m medley relay: Team SA (Bindell, Houlie, Gallagher, Chelius) cruised to the gold medal in 3:50.76, a new Games record.
Women’s 4x200m freestyle: Team SA (Mundell, Whelan, Mundell, Gallagher, Antonpoulos) cruised to the gold medal in 8:30.57.

Men’s Team Classification, Match 1: South Africa (Byrone Abrahams, Cheetan Nathoo and Kurt Lingeveldt) beat their Djibouti opponents 3-0 (3-0, 3-0, 3-1).

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