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Winning start for Wolfaardt, Steyn

It was business as usual at the first of the 2011 Troisport Joburg Triathlon Series on Sunday at Germiston for Erhardt Wolfaardt and Andrea Steyn.

The triathlon had to be converted to a duathlon, as the ecoli levels in Germiston Lake were sitting at 1200 as opposed to the required 200 for safety purposes. So the organisors opted to change the race into a 10km run, 40km cycle and 5km run duathlon.

Wolfaardt, Richard Murray, Claude Eksteen and Travis Johnston immediately went to the fore, but as Murray said after the race, ÔÇ£it was kind of interesting weaving through the back markers that we caught due to the four-lap circuit.ÔÇØ

After a 32min 10km, it was off on the bike and Murray and Wolfaardt were able to open a small gap on Eksteen, Johnston and Rudolf Naude. But on the second lap of the cycle, Wolfaardt started to move away from the Cape Town based Murray and was able to complete the 40km cycle in around 56minutes. By the time Wolfaart went out of T2 for the 5km run, he had close on a 2min lead over Murray.

There was no way Murray would be able to make up that kind of a gap on Wolfaardt over 5km so the Potchefstroom based Wolfaardt added yet another victory to his tally in his first major outing of 2011. Murray came through for second with Eksteen rounding out the podium.

The women’s race by contrast was all Steyn as the opened a gap on the 10km leg over Diane Emery and Lucie Zelenkova. ÔÇ£I did not run too well on the first leg, but was able to get around 40seconds on Diane and 70 on Lucie in T1. But my bike was solid. I am very happy with that.ÔÇØ

There was no stopping Steyn as she continued to open the gap in both the bike and the final 5km run. Clearly being multiple South African Duathlon Champion does pay dividends.

And this performance will have given her great confidence as she enters the next race, the Momentum I-flex National Duathlon Series race at Waterfall Estate on 27 February, before heading off for Port Elizabeth for the South African Championships and Africa Cup on 20 March.


10km run 40km bike 5km run  Total

1 Erhard Wolfaardt 32:14 57:01 16:11 1:45:26
2 Richard  Murray 32:11 58:42 15:34 1:46:27
3 Claude Eksteen 32:13 1:01:24 15:35 1:49:12
4 Travis Johnston 32:13 1:01:03 16:21 1:49:38
5  Rudolf Naude 34:05 59:18 16:41 1:50:04

1 Andrea Steyn 36:43 1:04:41 18:51 2:00:15
2 Dianne Emery 37:14 1:07:13   19:11 2:03:38
3 Lucie Zelenkova 38:04 1:04:54 19:14 2:02:12
4 Susan Jane Sloan 38:38 1:09:14 19:13 2:07:05
5 Corinne Berg 40:25 1:09:38 20:23 2:10:26