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Hunter crashes out

By Mark Etheridge

Robbie Hunter’s Tour de France came to a painful end before the start of Thursday’s 11th stage.

Our only rider in the world’s premier cycling event, Hunter crashed 16 kilometres into Wednesday’s 10th stage but managed to get back into the swing of things and finish the stage in the same group as seven-time TDF winner Lance Armstrong.

But the damage was done and X-rays later showed a slight fracture in the elbow area.

The Garmin-Transitions rider said Wednesday night that he would try and ride Thursdays’ stage, pain permitting. It was not to be. “So that’s it TDF over! Tried to ride to sign on but no chance to even hold the bar let alone use the brakes…” Hunter said on his Twitter feed.

“Really sucks to sit in the team bus kit on & watch ur team mates go to the start… Disappointed big time. had big ambition for this tour! On the bright side. season aint over yet, get the arm sorted & come back winning. plenty races to come. everything happens for a reason!”

The Tour is now down to 179 riders after starting out with 219 entries. Hunter was in 129th position overall before the start of Thursday’s stage. A former stage winner of the Tour de France, his best finish in this year’s race was fifth in the fourth stage.

Hunter now joins Christian Vande Velde as the second Garmin-Transition rider to pull out of the tour, in stage two. Garmin are now down to seven of their original nine riders. In their previous two Tour de France’s all nine of their riders had completed the race.