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Kate comes unstuck in Spain

In-form triathlete Kate Roberts had a frustrating start to her European season in Madrid, Spain at the weekend.

Even though the South African ended 12th at the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship event she would have been hoping for a higher-placed finish.

In extremely hot conditions, Roberts was with the leaders as she came out of the leaders, but then disaster struck.

She explains: ÔÇ£I had a great swim but when I got onto my bike my cycling shoe came off in transition so I had to go back and fetch it and therefore lost the front bike pack. It was frustrating but I worked really hard on the bike to catch up and when we caught I just tried to relax as much as possible. We only caught the front pack on lap five and we still have 3 laps to go.ÔÇØ

The chase on the bike ultimately cost the BSG athlete on the run. ÔÇ£It was absolute survival and I felt terrible, but I just kept on telling myself to ‘Vasbyt Kate’. But it was really hard.ÔÇØ

Kate though was still happy with her result. ÔÇ£I am now ranked in the top 12 in the world, so I am really pleased.ÔÇØ

She’s already had a great first half of the year with a fourth place finish at the World Cup in Mooloolaba, sixth at the World Championship Series in Sydney, as well as being crowned Africa Champion in both triathlon and duathlon.

Kate will now base herself in Davos, Switzerland for the remainder of the season with the goal of competing at the World Championship Series Grand Final in Budapest from 8-12 September.

On the men’s front, Claude Eksteen made a welcome return to racing, also in Madrid on Sunday, finishing 21st overall. Eksteen had been battling with injury for some time and this race will go a long way ton boosting his confidence. Testament to the difficulty of the race was that former World Number 1 and Olympics fourth-placed finisher Javier Gomez finished fourth while Olympic Champion Jan Frodeno had to settle for sixth.

Time                   Swim            Bike          Run
1 Alistair Brownlee          01hr 52min 41sec          18:03          01:01:59          31:12
2 Courtney Atkinson          01:52:51          18:24          01:01:40          31:25
3 Sven Riederer                   01:53:07          18:25          01:02 01         31:40
4 Javier Gomez                   01:53:17          18:08          01:01:59          31:48
5 Steffen Justus                   01:53:39          18:26          01:01:39          32:08

South Africa:
21 Claude Eksteen          01:55:51          18:29          01:03:04          32:52

1 Nicola Spirig                   02:06:01          19:49          01:09:16          35:23
2 Emmie Charayron          02:06:05          20:22          01:08:48          35:22
3 Helen Jenkins                   02:06:09          19:35          01:09:32          35:24
4 Mariko Adachi                   02:06:33          19:41          01:09:27         35:47
5 Sarah Haskins                   02:06:48          19:33          01:09:32          36:01
South Africa:
12 Kate Roberts                   02:08:19          19:42          01:09:24          37:38